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The names of Realejo de Arriba and Realejo de Abajo are due to the position occupied by the conquering army and that of the aborigines in the last stages of Tenerife ’s conquest. Here the guanche chiefs, headed by Bencomo, surrendered on July 25 th of 1496 and due to this fact, the Spanish decided to construct a church here, dedicated to the Apostle Santiago. This was the first parochial church of Tenerife, and where the nine menceys and other outstanding natives received the baptismal waters.

Both Realejos had their respective royal mayors, scribes and trustees, as well as their sheriffs and their guildhalls. Soon the religious convents of San Agustín (with free schools) and of San Francisco established themselves here, as well as the nun’s convent of San Agustín.

The wealth of the place was due to the sugar cane plantations of the XVI century; vineyards and wine, in the XVII century and part of the XVIII; the cochineal harvest in the XIX century and banana plantations in the XX century.

It takes on the name of Los Realejos, on December 23 rd of 1954, when by royal decree both municipalities were united when their petition was approved.

Places of Historical Interest

Calzadilla Family House

Wall House

Icod el Alto

De la Parra House

Pine House

Realejo Bajo

Rambla de Castro House

XVII Century

Las Canales House

Year of 1503

With the Temple of San Idelfonso from the year 1852

Four Windows (Las Cuatro Ventanas) House

Parochial Church of the Holy Cross

Cross and High Altarpieces dating back to the XVII century.


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